The Victorians

 Presenting the new Album

The Victorians


So here it is, after nearly three and a half years – the new album, The Victorians.

It features tales of naked life-savers, bare knuckle boxers, evolutionary moths and wife auctions and may well be our finest offering yet. We can’t wait for you to hear the result!

We know that in this digital age many people simply stream music rather than purchase physical copies, but we would urge you to invest in this release as a creative whole – the gatefold artwork, the stories, a 12-page booklet with insights into the songs and stunning designs by Simon, our own award-winning photographic artist and animator, are central to the whole experience. (We don’t want to bleat on about this, but musicians like ourselves, who are lower down the food chain, really cannot survive off risible royalties from streaming sites.)

You can order a copy of the album and associated items for just £10.

Special art package

We also have a limited run of a very special package of The Victorians, which are almost gone – so act fast! This package features the CD and a separate ‘art bag’ including:

1. A replica postcard of the sleeve signed by the band members.

2. Mini Victorian-style broadsheet of one of the songs.

3. Harp & a Monkey art badge.

4. Selection of esoterica from our long-standing friends and internationally-renowned artists Christian Brett and Alice Smith from Bracketpress (who, to do a bit of namedropping, have worked with the likes of Damien Hirst, Yoko Ono, Crass, Sleaford Mods etal).

5. A previously unpublished treatise on the importance of ‘wonder’ and what it means in the modern age by Boff Whalley (Commoners Choir/Chumbawamba).

It’s brilliant stuff and the whole package is only £20, including the CD and digital download!

Less than 20 special art bags now left, so don’t delay…

CD inc P&P

Special Art Package inc P&P