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Harp and a monkey

Northern Folk Experimentalists and storytellers


10th Anniversary

To mark the 10th anniversary of Harp and a Monkey first going public in April 2008, we are rereleasing a digital version of the song we put out, Old Wives’ Tales. We are hoping to generate a bit of publicity around the release on April 29 so please share links to the video of the song, which you will find on here on our Sound and Vision page. There are loads of new shows being added all the time on the Gigs page and we promise new material (including a new album) before the year is out. Busy, busy. Thanks for the ongoing support, and do consider signing up for our mailing list…

War Stories 2

Here is the trailer for our latest documentary, featuring performances and stories behind the second set of shows we undertook as part of our ongoing project to mark the centenary of the First World War by providing fresh historical perspectives. A small rural church in Cumbria, a disused airfield in Norfolk, an old railway wagon in Sussex, and the winding room of a former colliery in Tyne and Wear – these were the intriguing sites that provided the backdrop for ‘The Great War: New Songs and Stories Part 2’.Sponsored by Arts Council England and the Western Front Association, the new 30-minute documentary can be viewed in full by clicking on the link below. We are presently putting together a further series of shows related to the project for what is our tenth year as a critically acclaimed ‘cult’…

You can watch the full video here…

Remembering Nellie Spindler:

We have a video of a project we undertook with Manchester University, the Arts and Humanities Council, Thackery Medical Museum and three secondary schools in Yorkshire to mark the centenary of the passing of a nurse from Wakefield, Nellie Spindler, who was killed during the battle of Passchendaele. ‘Clean White Sheets’ (The Nellie Spindler Song) was inspired by the work of the children to remember the sacrifices of their local heroine, who was only in her mid-twenties when she died. The idea of Clean White Sheets is based around the memoirs of the wounded, who would often judge how close they were to home – and safety – by how clean the sheets were. It just seemed like a very simple but evocative and powerful image. We have a very limited number of hard copies of the song for sale on our ‘things from the shop’ page.


Winners of Best Band of 2016:

And the winner of the annual folking.com awards for best folk group is – Harp and a (bloody) Monkey! Aye, you and your votes have only gone and done it. To be honest, we were just flattered to be short-listed by the site’s writers and to be mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Afro Celt, Fairport, Nancy Kerr and Merry Hell. We didn’t expect you lot to take the story further! Check out the full list of winners and what is a great independent website here: http://folking.com/folking-awards/

Albums of the Year:

We are a top 20 album. of the year for 2016 – “utterly, bloody wonderful” – on the ever-brilliant Mike Harding Folk Show (listen here: http://www.mikehardingfolkshow.com/category/podcasts/) and were a runner-up for albums of the year in the influential fRoots (folk and roots) magazine.

More ‘War Stories’ in unusual venues:

A rural parish church in Cumbria that was home to the churchman who became one of the most decorated non-combatants of WW1 (Aug 21); a community centre in Norfolk that remembers Florence Green, the former member of the WRAF who had been the last surviving veteran of the war (Aug 27); a remote railway station in East Sussex and the carriage that brought home the bodies of the nurse and ‘spy’ Edith Cavell and the Unknown Warrior (Sept 4); and a winding room in a disused pithead in Sunderland that carries the memorials of fallen miners (Sept 11). It is time for part two of The Great War: New Songs and Stories in the Landscape. Full times and venues on the ‘Tour Dates page. The project is once again being supported by….
arts council western front association

Great reviews for new War Stories album:

06/07/2016: We have been getting some fantastic reviews for the new album, and had great support from the likes of Clare Balding on Radio 2! Here are some samples…
“Bold and brilliant” – The Observer
“Excellent” – The Guardian
“Inventive” – Mojo
“Brilliant” – Mark Radcliffe (BBC Radio2)
“Sensational” – Clare Balding (BBC Radio2)
“Exceptional” – fRoots
“Truly individual” – FolkRadioUK
“One of the albums of the year” – Folking
“Utterly distinctive” – Folkwords

Pre-order new album here:

18/05/2016: Official release date for new album War Stories is 1st July 2016. You can pre-order a signed copy of the album here and recieve it a week early!

Trailer for Great War documentary:

We are delighted to announce that the 30-minute documentary that we made of the First World War shows that we played in the summer of 2015 is now available to watch in full on our ‘School shows/workshops’ page. Watch the trailer below for a short taste of the full video…

Free WW1 shows in the landscape:

A remote hillside on Holcombe Moor that bore witness to a rogue Zeppelin attack is one of the remarkable venues that will host a series of shows by Harp and a Monkey in August 2015 to mark the ongoing centenary of the First World War. Further performances will take place in a village created in 1919 for disabled veterans of the conflict and their families and in a prison that housed hundreds of conscientious objectors. The shows will be supported by the Arts Council and Western Front Association.

arts council western front association

Top album for 2014:

All Life Is Here has been named among the top albums of 2014 by Folk Radio UK. It has also been named among the Top 20 folk albums of 2014 by Mike Harding. “I have a huge amount of time for this band…a really fresh and engaging approach. They are deeply seeped in the folk traditions of the North West and yet have created a whole new genre of songs of their own.”

Live act of the year at The Globe:

The Globe in Glossop, Derbyshire, (one of the oldest and most respected folk, acoustic and world music clubs in England) has this week announced Harp and a Monkey as the most impressive act to have passed through its doors in 2014. The calibre of act it has hosted this year includes the likes of Dave Swarbrick, 4Square, Hannah James & Sam Sweeney, Gavin Davenport, Sarah McQuaid etal. We are thrilled!

Mark Radcliffe BBC RADIO 2 Folk Show

“Charming, impossible not to like.”

Steve Lamacq BBC RADIO 2 Tips For The Top:

“Another rising talent… as shiny as a new button.”

Mike Harding RADIO TWO folk show:

“Absolutely top stuff… very, very interesting and unusual song-writing. ”