Harp and a monkey

Electro-Folk Storytellers

War Stories CD

The Observer
“The trio provide an inventive backdrop of tinkling folktronica. Bold and brilliant.”
War Stories-CD

Harp and a monkey – War Stories CD £10 + £2 P&P

Banks Of Green Willow

Soldier Soldier

Broken Men

Charlie Chaplin

A Young Trooper Cut Down

Raise A Glass To Danny

The Long, Long Trail

The Postman’s Song

Ghosts Round the Table

Flanders’ Shore

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War Stories  T-Shirt (Sky blue)
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All Life is Here CD

fRoots Magazine
“Undoubtedly one of the most vital and charismatic things
happening in English folk music right now.”

Harp and a monkey – All Life Is Here CD £10 + £2 P&P

Walking In The Footsteps Of Giants

The Manchester Angel

Tupperware and Tinfoil

Bolton’s Yard

Pay Day

Dear Daughter

The Gallipoli Oak


Doolally Day Out

Pilgrim’s Cross


Harp and a Monkey CD

Mike Harding BBC Radio 2 Folk Show
“Absolutely top stuff… very, very interesting and unusual song-writing.
An Incredible String Band for the 21st century.”

Harp and a monkey – Harp and a monkey CD £10 + £2 P&P

The Reluctant Soldier

Better Life

Willow and the Ghost

Katy’s Twinkly Band

Old Wives’ Tales

Absent Father

Blind Mice

Polite Society

Home For Tea

Digging Holes

Serenade For A Winter’s Day

Martin Purdy and Ian Dawson – The Gallipoli Oak £10 + £2 P&P

Martin Purdy and Ian Dawson – Doing our bit £10 + £2 P&P

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